Some Stripes and a Hat

Such a simple outfit but so cute, right? I think the hat makes it all! I got it at Forever 21 for $6.50! Yes please and thank you!! I would say taking these pictures was one of the highlights of my day (I think my favorite pic is the 3rd to last one), just because it was pretty fun. Once again, it's the hat I tell you!

My leg hurts right now. :( The right one to be exact. Because basically I stood for 4 hours at the Bruno Mars concert and then stood for 5 hours at work yesterday. And I was gonna go to hip-hop club to bust some sweet moves, but alas, my hurt leg. It feels a little better now and I'm sure I'll be jumping and leaping by tomorrow, but doesn't getting hurt just stink sometimes? I feel like it happens to me WAY too much! Ha, I'm a bit of a klutz...

Wanna hear a funny story? So me and my roommates will write random notes everywhere over our apartment. Like for birthdays we write all over the mirror. And then we have a bunch of those word magnets that we put into shapes and words on our fridge and also I just bought a whiteboard from the dollart store that we wrote notes on. Well pretty much we're all really dumb or can't spell or something because today we found the THIRD misspelled word we've done in the past few months! For one of the birthdays we wrote "You are beautful" (missing an "i"), on the fridge we wrote "We love Sring!" (missing a "p" and even though it was huge we didn't notice it for like a week!) and today we found on the whiteboard, "We've been missig you!" (missing needs an "n").

Haha it's a little pathetic. But also pretty funny. We tend to laugh hysterically for at least five minutes after we find them all. Ohh how I love my roomies. :D

An Outfit A Day...
Striped Shirt? Urban Outfitters (isn't that like the cutest red-striped shirt ever? I got it for $10! And I am in love with it.)
Hat? F21
Necklace? Mall Kiosk
Jeans? Ross
Shoes? Forever Young (unfortunately, I got these shoes only like a month and a half ago, but they're already dying! I think the reasoning for this might be because it's been obsessively raining here in Provo and I wore these shoes not planning for the weather. Sad.)

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 9.5
Original? 7
Did I like it? 10=I looooved it!
Overall? 9

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