happy memories

I was just looking at pictures today and I started to cry...because they made me so happy. Every single one of these pictures captured a moment where I was truly and utterly happy with people who I love so very much.

Taking pictures at the beach in Texas with my sisters. A football game with Hollie. Randomly deciding to let Camie cut my hair and then taking pictures with her and Brooke--it  really felt like summer. My last day working at a day care with children who I loved dearly and had so much fun with. A football game with Jenna, when I had no one else and no group to go with. An outdoor concert with Jen and Emily--the first time the three of us hung out together. Right after eating at the Brick Oven with my freshman roommates, and realizing how not alone I really was. Eating at Smoochies Smoothies and taking silly pictures with Gracie. With Laura and Courtney, fulfilling our yearly tradition of going to the Arts Festival. Being silly in Wyoming with my cousins. Christmas with all my relatives on my mom's side and just feeling so happy. Me and Kyrie taking a picture during a get together with the old young women group. My roommates..and realizing that bad things do happen for a reason, because I never would have roomed with them or become close with them if life had been perfect. With Sarah, Alyne, and Jessica just having fun and talking outside of Provo library.

I think the most wonderful thing about being a human being is our capacity to love SO much. And right now...I love. And I feel happy. And lucky. :)


  1. Awww thats so lovely. I have many happy memories too but I don't have the photographs to proove it. You have such wonderful memories.

  2. Awesome! I love the pictures! I love that you love so much. I love you and I am excited to see you!!!!!!!


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