Me and My Cool Sibs

Let me just brag about my wonderful siblings for a moment. There's five of us me, Carina, Sidney, Cee Ryle, and Gracie. Carina, Sidney, and I have all taken ballet since the beginning of time (okay, since we were each 5 we started taking and I quit senior year of high school but then I took classes here at byu), Cee Ryle does gymnastics, and Gracie has started gymnastics and is gonna start ballet in the fall. And she's cute anyways.

Well, I went to Carina and Sidney's ballet recitals this past weekend and it totally made me want to dance again. I really miss it so much and it's something that I'm truly passionate about. I just LOVE to dance more than anything. Probably more than fashion too (or maybe the same).

And so there's this thing called The Ballerina Project on facebook that is super cool and they have all these different pictures of ballerinas everywhere! Go check it out, it's amazing! So I decided to get my siblings, my dad's camera, and the tripod and go take some super sweet pictures. And we did. My sisters and I were going to take pictures with our pointe shoes on Sunday, but it rained so we couldn't. :( Another day I suppose.

But anyways, here is the result! (I'm in the green, Carina's in the blue stripes, and Sidney's in the purple--and hopefully you know that Cee Ryle's the boy in the blue ;))

Sorry for the photo overload but I just love all the pictures so much! And I love my family more than I can bear! The weekend was one of the best and just so fun. I'm so glad that I have siblings who are also my best friends and who I can have so much fun with! They are absolutely wonderful!!!

enter the CONTEST!!! Thanks :)

and also, I keep forgetting to tell you that I got a pinterest a while ago! So follow me! And if you have a pinterest, then tell me what it is so I can follow you too! :)

Oh and Carina loves making movies with everyone and she's pretty good at it! These are two of her videos that she's made. One of them is an infomercial that is way funny and the other is a scary movie trailer (which I think looks pretty legit for her limited materials).

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