Princesses and Painting

Gah, I have the WORST allergies right now and I've had them all week. We're talking nose running, nose stuffing, sneezing, tongue itching, eyes watering and getting swollen and my back itching. My mom is getting me some new allergy medicine this morning that will hopefully work better. But most likely I'm gonna have to go to the doctor to get this checked out...poo. :( And even though last time turned out okay, I'd rather not have to keep going back..I guess as long as there are no needles involved!!

I got face paint with my aunt yesterday at the Princess Festival in Thanksgiving Point and another festival called West Fest. It was sooo fun! It was first time painting at a festival so I was a little nervous but I ended up getting the hang of most of the faces and going pretty fast. If you want your face painted, just come on by and I'd be glad to do it hehe. ;)

{My aunt's website is here if you want to find out more of what she does or just see more pictures of some cool face painting! In the face painting gallery, I'm in one of the pictures and my sisters (esp. Gracie) are in some too!}

The Princess Festival is this cute thing where all these little girls come and dress up as princess and get to go around and meet pretty much every princess there is--Rapunzel (the favorite), the Princess and the Pea, Cinderella, Jasmine, you name it. All the proceeds go to a good cause and its pretty much run by volunteers so its really cool! I needed a princess-y dress to wear for it so I went to Savers and got an old prom type dress that looked like this... (except I started hemming it and then remembered to take a picture so use your imagination and think of the top part as longer)

And then I fixed it to look like this...

Cute, right? I hemmed it, added a gold sash thing, ruched the sleeves, made a square neck, and then ruffled it at the bottom (which took a while I might add). But seriously for a $5 thrifted dress, you can't get much better than that! The only thing was that there were some snaps in the back that kept coming undone so I think I want to do something to fix those too.

But doing this gave me an idea that maybe it would be fun to just get old prom dresses from DI or Savers for super cheap when they have their sales, refashion the dresses, and then donate them to a prom dress drive or start my own drive! I think it would be so fun to do something like that for a good cause cuz then girls could have dresses for free and also the dresses would all be unique. I will have to look into it. Does anyone know of any prom dress drives that happen in Utah, Salt Lake, or Davis counties?

And thanks for the contest entries and to everyone that entered! I think I'm gonna have a poll and just post them on here because it might be easier than facebook. I'll do it tomorrow, so get ready to vote!

An Outfit A Day...
Jacket? Thrifted
Dress? Thrifted and Refashioned
Belt? Thrifted
Watch and Bracelets? Thrifted, random places
Headband? BYU Campus Craft and Floral
Shoes? Forever Young..unfortunately they are beginning to die! :(

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 7 (jacket was a little stiff and the dress just felt a tiny bit short)
Original? 8
Did I like it? 9
Overall? 8

P.S. Thanks for all the nice comments and such from my last post! I think I was just having a lonely day and it's nice to feel loved on those days. :)

P.P.S. I've been obsessed with this song and music video ever since I watched it! I'm totally gonna learn the dance from it.

P.P.P.S. I'm sorry you must be sick of these, but happy half birthday to my lovely four and a half year-old sister Gracie! She's my best friend and I love her. A LOT.

Haveawonderfulday. Bye. :)

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