This Dress=Pure Happiness :D

So this is the dress! I am oh so proud of it...its my little baby or something hehe. I designed it and sewed it all by myself..even without a pattern! I am so impressed that it even turned out ha. But now that it did, I'm afraid I might wear it every chance I get! And that's ok. :)

Do you guys have something that you're just really proud of because it came from your talent? Like maybe a great work of art, or a dance you choreographed, or even like a cool hair do or lego sculpture. haha. Well, this dress is that for me. I feel SO proud. And it makes me so happy!!! Plus I got a lot of compliments on it which made me feel good because I was getting complimented on something that I made.

It's just a really happy dress and I'm so happy it turned out cute. You could say you hate it and I wouldn't care (well, I would a little bit probably) because I love it that much.

P.S. It has pockets.

P.P.S. I had the most wonderful weekend! It was a long one at home and I spent it all with my family. I saw both of my sisters' ballet recitals and they both did such a great job! It made me miss ballet a lot so I decided I'm going to dance again because I love it. We went out and took a bunch of cool pictures of ballet stuff and my brother does gymnastics so he did some cool things too. I will share soon..maybe tomorrow?

k bye :

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