5 Days

I have been a not very good blogger lately, on either of my blogs, mostly because I've been so busy reading the Harry Potter books and now watching the Harry Potter movies (1 a night until the midnight premiere!). But I just wanted to share something quick that I wrote about the Harry Potter book series. It pretty well explains why I love them so much and why the world loves them so much.

Harry Potter can be so sad sometimes, with all the evil and everyone dying. Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s happy. But I think the real magic of Harry Potter comes from how real and relatable it is to us. There are so many characters, some good, some evil, and most who are just trying to protect their loved ones and stay alive. They are all fighting for the thing they believe is right, whether it is right for themselves or right for someone else. The touching aspect of it all though, is the fact that the world of Harry Potter  is not much different from ours. The only difference is that they fight with magical wands and enchanted things, whereas we fight with weapons and words. And that simple, very true similarity to us is what really makes the Harry Potter books so amazingly and wonderfully magical. :)

5 Days. I'm going insane. I keep watching this trailer:

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  1. Did you just love the movie so much??? I'm so sad now that it really is all over. Did you dress up? Next to Halloween, HP premieres are my favorite thing to dress up for:)



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