About Time Huh?

Hi bloggy friends. I'm back! Miss me? Let me explain my absence. I just stopped blogging for a few days...then I needed to read the whole Harry Potter book series before the movie came out, which was kind of hard because I had work, things to do, and people to see, so I was crunched for time. And then I went to Wyoming (and saw the HP movie in Wyoming and thought it was AH-mazing..anyone else agree? I MUST see it again!) for a week for a family reunion and to celebrate my grandparents' 50th anniversary. And then I got back and have been face painting with my aunt a lot and by that time I decided that I might as well wait until the month mark to blog again. Ha. Silly, I know. But it's July 27, and the last time I blogged was June 27, so I figured it sounds right. :) Anyways. I'm back in blogging business. Here's a few photos that don't even make up for the past month I've been gone...
Provo Rooftop Concert for Abbey Road with Jessica and Lauren
Going to see the hot air balloons with Jessica and Lauren
Face painting with my aunt and family on the 4th of July
Fireworks with our friends the Foutzes (Kyrie and I are almost the exact same age and have been friends since age 3 :))
Seeing a cool rainbow with Olivia and Katie and Heidi
Blogger lunch meet-up with Katri and Kelli at Chilis...soo fun! Lots of smiles and laughter involved :)
Hogwarts toenails
Watching a Harry Potter movie a night up until the midnight showing with roommates and people in my ward
Cute roommate pictures...love them :)
making harry potter t-shirts with my siblings
HP midnight showing :D
Fun with cousins in Wyoming
Lots of family pictures...this isn't the best one but its hilarious because of how awkward my littlest sister acts!
A trolley ride through Cheyenne where my grandparents told us all about where they lived, went to school, worked, etc.
I face painted all the little cousins a lot...I might be the favorite cousin now ;)
My adorable grandparents with their 50th anniversary cake
I tried on my grandma's wedding dress and my sister tried on my aunt's
A bridesmaid dress that my grandma wore in the 1960s that she let me keep! Such a cute dress and the picture doesn't do it justice!
Watching photos of my grandparents when they were dating and newlyweds
more face painting...
Enjoying the Wyoming air :D
My aunt and her kids came to visit because she's getting married on Saturday (!!!) and we got ice cream after face painting at a festival earlier and also to celebrate my cousin Jasmine's birthday
I hiked Bridal Veil Falls yesterday with some friends :)
My roommates and I all brushing our teeth at the same time
Life has been crazy. And oh so very fun :D

There is something else I should discuss. I think lately why I've had a lot of periods where I just don't blog is because I've really been trying to please other people with this blog and get lots of followers and stuff. The blogging world can be SO competitive and sometimes it really gets to you when someone else has more comments or followers than you and you don't understand why. It sounds kind of silly but its true. But I need to make this blog for me. That's how it began and that's how I want it to continue.
So thank you thank you THANK YOU to all who entered the contest but I'm unfortunately calling it off just because it was really stressing me out and its not what I need to do for myself right now. I really am SO sorry! And you have no idea how grateful I am to the people that entered. I think I might do it again soon, because its a fun idea, but maybe when I'm a little more stable with myself.

Either way though, I'm so happy to be back! I want this blog to stay a part of my life because its fun and I like it. It makes me happy. And that's all that matters. :D

P.S. Last night I watched my first ever scary movie, What Lies Beneath...all I can say is that scary movies are NOT for me. It might have been my first and last!

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