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I wore this outfit a while ago and it's a pretty simple one..which brings me to another reason for why I didn't blog for a month. It sounds weird, but I kind of needed a break from trying to dress cute every day. Don't get me wrong, I still dressed very cute, but I didn't let myself care nearly as much. And summer's hard because it can get SO hot outside and who wants to try and dress fashionably when its so much easier to wear a t-shirt and shorts? Sometimes Utah just kills me!

On another completely random note, I seriously have such a problem biting my nails. It took me 19 years to admit it..but its true. :( Ok, well in truth I've always known I've had this problem but my nails are so gross sometimes! It really isn't always awful but lately I have to keep putting a band-aid on my right hang index finger because its way too short and yet I keep trying to bite it and it hurts. Putting a band-aid on is the only thing to stop me! Any advice so that I can at least minimize nail biting without band-aids on all of my fingers. Goodness gracious that would be awful. Worse than short, gross nails! Unfortunately, nail polish doesn't work and even if I put it on, I think my nails would just look worse. Do me a favor and next time you see me just don't look at my nails? hehe thanks. Now we know the real reason there are no close ups in these pictures.

Oh and hey, guess what? It's FRIDAY! Do a little dance, sing this song, and have a wonderful day and weekend! You deserve it! What are your weekend plans? I'm going home tonight to go to my aunt's wedding in Idaho tomorrow and then finally going to my Provo ward on Sunday! About time, considering I haven't been there for like 3 weeks. Oops..inactive anyone? (just kidding! promise!)

One more thing..this hairstyle has saved my life. Pull it up high into a messy bun after a day with curly hair. Messy, but cute! (and quick!)

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