The Best Shoes In the World

Double french braid...easier than it looks! One of my new favorite hairstyle because it looks so pretty :)
You're probably pretty jealous of my heels (and my amazing Harry Potter toenails--close up here). And you have good reason to be. And if you're not jealous of them, then you're either a guy or just plain crazy and I will tell you WHY they are the BEST.

1. They're wedges, so they are actually possible to walk in and not trip.

2. They're comfortable. What? Comfortable heels?! Yes.

3. They are the perfect color for summer and winter and literally go with every.thing.

4. They make me taller, something that is quite desirable for a girl who is only 5'2".

5. They make my skin not look white (I can't say they make my skin look tan..but better than nothing, right?)

6. They're classy

7. They are all MINE

8. Somehow, they add everything to an outfit. Off, the outfit is okay...On, the outfit suddenly turns fabulous! True story..I promise!

9. All of the above.

You're jealous now, huh? Ha, I knew it! Only too bad, you can't have them, because the only drawback to these shoes is that if I take them off, they take a few minutes to put on. Therefore, they are never coming off my feet. Good thing they're the best shoes in the world, right? :)

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