Look Mom, I Made a Shirt!

See that pretty purple flowery skirt in the above photos? Do you like it? Well, I hope so, because whether you like it or love it or hate it, I made it! Sooo great, huh? I guess it just feels great to me to make my own clothes. The wonderful thing is that my grandma gave me a ton of fabric that she wasn't going to use, so this shirt was also FREE! Life doesn't get much better than this.

Storytime: When I was younger (aka junior high/high school) I hated sewing. I really did not like it at all. I was just pretty darn terrible at it, or so I thought. Like for Personal Progress (a goal program thing for girls 12-18 in the LDS church) I sewed a skirt as one of my projects and I am pretty sure that I needed help on that thing every step of the way. My mom probably did more work on it than I did (sorry, Mami!). And it wasn't a super enjoyable process for me because I just did not like sewing and I thought I was awful at it. The most enjoyable part was wearing it. And in sophomore year of high school my friends Courtney and Laura and I decided to sew matching cute bags to take to school. Well, they probably did a lot of the work on that bag because I was so clueless. I didn't even know one bit how to use a sewing machine! The funny thing is that I still use that bag all the time today and when people say "Oh that's so cute, where did you get it?!" I say "I made it," and they say, "Oh of course you did," because a lot of people know how much I love to sew. But I just smile because that bag is a remnant of my sewing-hatred days.

I'm not really sure what changed inside of me, but I have always been very crafty. I used to make cards and stuff all the time, I made pen pals (see below), then I moved on to fabric flowers (also see below) and eventually I just wanted to sew clothes and my love of sewing has blossomed since.
Pen Pals! I still love these. I got the idea from an American Girl magazine forever ago!
Fabric flowers--I apologize, these aren't the best flowers I've made, but they work

The funny thing with me is that I am a very obsessive person, so I really love some things (sewing, Carrie Underwood, purple, wearing coral, etc.) and I really hate others (vegetables, spiders, heights, any talk of blood or gross bodily stuff, and back when I hated sewing). So I am like super obsessive with something (sometimes more than one thing) at a time. I used to be a very avid reader. I'd take a book everywhere. My parents would come downstairs and tell me to go to bed so I'd turn off my light, and then when they were gone I'd turn the light on again and finish the book that night. I'd read during school while teachers were lecturing (and still get a good grade in the class! ha!). I'd take my book in the car or I'd take a book into a restaurant and read while waiting for my food or while I was eating my food (my parents got annoyed by that one) and all the time I would read. I was reading at a college level by 8th grade.

And now...I sew. People will ask me to hang out, and if I'm the middle of a sewing project, I always decline. My motivation to get my homework done during the week is so that I can sew on the weekend. I have to keep going until I finish and I will lock myself up in my room until I'm done. Basically, I'll see people in my ward and they say, "Where have you been? I haven't seen you for a while, did you go on vacation?" And my answer is always, "I've been sewing." Gah, I am sooo pathetic! But I'm a sewing hermit and I don't mind at all.

So that's my super long schpeel about my process of sewing going from a hatred to an obsession. It just goes to show that we really could probably love anything if we just let ourselves. :) Have a fab Tuesday!!

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