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Sooo today, I was at this ward party thing which was all lots of fun. Well I was talking to a bunch of guys in my ward and somehow this question from one of the guys came up that just made me incredibly mad. He asked, "If you had to choose between a wife who had cheated on you once but then repented and never did again and a wife who gained 100 pounds within the first year of marriage and could never lose it back, which  one would you choose?"

Holy cow that question sent me into a fury. How could someone even ask that question (and if you are reading this, you know who you are and I don't care if you're reading this because it made me mad and I want you to know that)?! That is practically like saying cheating on your spouse and gaining 100 pounds are equal, which they are not equal at ALL. I just can't even put into words right now how angry this made me, and don't you worry, I told those boys how awful they were and I argued with them. I spoke up because I did not want to deal with that crap. And then I just walked away because it made me sooo angry. It especially made me mad when the guy who asked the question said his answer changed from day to day. Wow. It made me SO MAD.

So a message to every guy out there in the world: You have no idea how much your comments can sometimes hurt girls. We girls are very insecure and very body conscious. And it's partially because there are pigs like you out there. If you have the audacity to ask a question like that and even sit there and answer it, then I hope someone cheats on you because you deserve it. That sounds harsh, but if you love someone, you love them no matter what. Whether they weigh 120 pounds or 300, it shouldn't matter to you. And if it does, well then you definitely do not deserve that beautiful and special girl. Every single girl in this world is beautiful and they do not have to look like a model or stay looking like a model to achieve that. Some girls act like gaining weight is the end of the world sometimes (me included) but you cannot make fun of us for that if you are going to act like if it's the end of the world to you too. It's not all your fault, but girls think this way because they are trying to impress you, and if you care about something as utterly pointless as weight, then I hope you stay single for the rest of your life.

I don't care if this post offends anyone or makes someone mad, because I am furious. I HATE it when boys talk about caring about weight and compare it something as awful as cheating on your spouse. I refuse to marry a boy that cares about what I weigh. I will not take it and I hope other girls out there won't take it either. I know there are great guys out there who are wonderful about those things and I hope I meet one soon. Because wow. So mad and just seriously appalled.

[P.S. I did make the shirt and it's my favorite. That is completely irrelevant but I just had to point that out because it was a happy part of my day--in case you haven't guessed, the above story was NOT a happy part of my day. Just saying.]

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