First Day of School!

BYU is back in business ;)
New shoes!! So cute! Though I walked so much around campus and my feet kinda hurt now.
I just love every single thing in the picture. Like the cute telephone necklace! Ah, love it! Also my lovely coral blazer and the lace at the  top of my shirt. It's all beautiful.
This was how I felt about the first day of school. :) yep.

It came! Everyone came! I had my first day of my 3rd year at BYU today and it was wonderful. Random thoughts about the day...

  • So this morning I curled my hair and I kid you not--like less than half an hour later the curls died! And they just died more the rest of the day! :( Hairspray and I are going to become best friends very soon...
  • EEEEE! I love school.
  • Today I had Intro to Family Processes, Strengthening Marriage and Family, and Costume Design! All of which have great teachers and all of which I LOVE!! (not to mention I unintentionally know 4 people in my Family Processes class..yay!)
  • I didn't wear my coral blazer most of the day because it was kind of hot. But I love it still and will be wearing it a lot during this year.
  • There are soooo many people on campus! I'm not used to it because there were a lot less during spring and summer.
  • I couldn't stop smiling at people today because I just wanted to smile and because I'm happy.
  • This doesn't have to do with classes, but the other day, my camera overheated and it went psycho! Like instead of looking like this...

They looked like this...
Weird, but cool.

Those were some of the things I thought about today as I walked from class to class or sat in class or just enjoyed the fact that I have class and that I. Am. So. Excited. I love school! The nerd in me is just bursting today. :)

How was everyone else's first day of school? Do you guys still get nervous, because I definitely do! And what cute outfits did you wear (I know you planned something cute..everyone does haha)? Let's hear about it!! I love talking about back to school stuff!

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