What is Beautiful?

Over the weekend I bought the September issue of Vogue (which btw, is amazing--go buy it!) and was inspired by this Fekkai ad. I really liked it a lot. It's cool because it shows the dress being made,  then it shows it in the store window, and then it shows it on the girl wearing it.
The quotes in the pictures:

"Taking chances.
Grand gestures and acts of grace.
That is beautiful."

"The confidence of yes. The power of no.
The sense of adventure. The labors of love.
That is beautiful."

"When you enter a room and leave an impression.
When no one's watching and all eyes are upon you.
That is beautiful."

(the quote under the photo of Frederic Fekkai)
"Beautiful is how a woman lives. Beauty is in the mind, not the mirror. My question is not, 'What do you want to do with your hair?' but rather 'What do you want to do with your life?' That is beautiful. And that's where Fekkai begins"

I especially love that last quote. I like these sayings because for once, an ad isn't saying that beauty is how you look. Adventure. Love. Grace. Being able to say yes and no. Confidence. Taking chances. None of which depend on how you look. Granted, all the girls in the ad are all sultry-looking models, but still, I like the ad.

It got me to thinking that true beautiful women are not recognized enough in our society. At all. All the models are represented plenty in magazines and on tv, and I'm not saying they aren't beautiful. But I am saying that they are not the only ones who are. I don't know if I talk about it as much as I should, but I feel strongly about women's issues and I want to speak out about it more. I want to recognize women for what they've done, what they've overcome, who they have helped, and who they are. Every woman is beautiful and strong in some way. You might feel like you're not, but I promise that you are.

I'm gonna start a little blurb on my blog called Strong Women where I showcase a strong woman I admire in my life, or I could do you too! If there is someone you know or you that want to share your story or just share why you are beautiful, please email me at {kikicbrownee[at]gmail[dot]com}. It can be long or short, but tell me why you are strong and why you are beautiful and if possible send me a picture as well. If you want, it can be anonymous and we'll just put it under a fake name. :) You all have a reason. These will just be posted at random because there is no deadline and I don't know if anyone will submit or anything. But I feel strongly about this and I want women to have a voice! I'm really excited about this so please email me if you are interested. I would love it if you did. It kind of reminds me of the BYU Women's Service's "I am beautiful because..." thing they did, except I can't give you a photo shoot, but I can share your words. :) There are more beautiful women than we can count out there! Let's give you a voice!

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