Procrastinating, Poor Health, and Pinterest

I took these pictures back during Labor Day weekend and they make me want a nice camera sooo bad! It's so fun to take pictures and I want to learn how to do better ones...someday. *sigh*

School and life are so busy! I really have not had time to blog and technically don't have time right now, but me and my best friend Procrastination are putting off a paper and blogging seemed like the perfect excuse. ;) But I really love my classes..when I'm healthy enough to go them! I've been sick since last Thursday which totally stinks! I think it's a cold. It started out with a sore throat and a runny nose, then a gained a cough and an achy body and just feeling sick overall, and then I also lost my voice. And I had two dates last week but I had to unfortunately postpone them because I just was not feeling up to it. My voice has been terribly croaky since Saturday (so imagine this post being read in a voice that sounds like a girl with a man voice..if that makes sense haha) and I was feeling better Monday and yesterday but I feel worse today with a sore throat and runny nose again. Ah! I'm ready to be healthy again!! Anyways, sorry for the vent.

In other news, I haven't sewn since school started (no time :( sooooo sad), last night I bakes some quick nutella cookies and parmesan knots (both found from pinterest) that both tasted delish and today I made some Nutella hot cocoa (also found on pinterest) that was alright but not as amazing as I hoped. Pinterest is pretty darn great I'd have to say. Want an invite? Comment and leave me your email address and I'll send you one. And then add me!!

Wish me luck on writing this paper! Any good tips on getting rid of a cold? Anyone want to write a paper..? (just kidding..well kind of...ok, really though, I'm kidding!) ;)

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