On Days of Birth

Blouse: Gap; Skirt: Target; Shoes: TJ Maxx
I wore this a while ago at home (parent's house) during Labor Day weekend I believe. That was the last time I went home and I'm going back this weekend! Yippee, I cannot wait. :) I'll be watching conference and also celebrating my birthday with my fam. Because guess what else: it's my birthday next week! I'm gonna be 20 years old in a week and it's freakin me out a little. To be honest, I'm a little scared for my birthday to come and here's why:
  1. I don't want to have a sad birthday where no one remembers and it's just lame.
  2. I'm not 20, nor do I want to be 20! I feel 19. I am 19. I will stay 19. I am NOT 20. My mom got married when she was 20 and I thought she was old. And now I will be 20. So as long as my birthday doesn't come I won't turn 20. (Too many 20s at one time, sorry, I will try to not burden you with that terrible number)
  3. Once a birthday comes, it's over so fast and then you have to wait again until the next year. :( I like looking forward to it and looking forward to a happy day. And it's fun when it's here (unless it's not--see #1) but then it's gone and life is normal again.
But some good things about birthdays?
  1. Well...I will be 20, which means people might consider me an adult. Might being the key word here. And being 20 means I will finally be the same age as all of the people in my grade, which will be nice.
  2. Presents and cake and celebrations!
  3. I really do love my birthday and it's such a happy day when it comes. A day that would have been completely normal becomes magical and special and a day of your own. I love the magic of birthdays and am grateful to live in a society that celebrates them.
  4. My roommate (her birthday is the day after mine) and I will be throwing a Harry Potter party and it's gonna be the bomb. I mean it. :D
So..I'm torn. Either way though, it's going to come and I'll have to live with it, so I might as well be happy. :)

What's your favorite part about birthdays?

Also, thank you for the helpful comments about helping me feel better! I really appreciate them so much! I'm still a little sick (almost two weeks later!!) but am feeling almost all better. My voice just has a tiny bit of rasp to it but I can finally sing to the music in my car! I have to admit that not being able to sing at the top of my lungs was killing me. Goodness.

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