Memorial Day Weekend

Recap of my Memorial Day Weekend:

-Wearing a cute Down East Basics dress and taking these pictures with my dad's nice camera

-Going home to Kaysville to see my wonderful family

-Watching the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance

-Going to my good friend Shauna's wedding reception!
-Going to my brother's elementary school olympics, and driving all my sibs back and forth everywhere all day friday...just a taste of motherhood ;)

-Hanging out with my best friends, Courtney and Laura, all day on Saturday

-Going to the Singles ward at home with Courtney and Laura on Sunday

-Eating salmon for Sunday dinner

-Creeping on my cute 4 year-old sister Grace...
She fell asleep on the couch ha

(isn't she cute? She's singing a song from Tangled in the video if you can't tell)

-Painting faces with my aunt Zildy, who is teaching me how so I can do festivals with her!

-Just spending time with my family

-Bruno Mars concert Monday night!
(he's singing "Just the Way You Are"--sorry about the poor quality! I just took this with my camera)

-And this morning I said goodbye to one of my good friends who's leaving for 3 months to travel Europe! Sad for me, but happy for her!

Awesome weekend? I say....YES. :D

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