Reasons Why I'm Cool

I don't really brag about myself that often, but I'm going to right now. Deal with it. :) I'm cool because...
-I haven't worn the same outfit since the end of August
-I have the BEST and funnest job ever at the bookstore in the women's clothes right now
-Boys are in my life...lots of them ;)
-Curly hair (it's naturally straight, which is also cool)
-I saw the So You Think You Can Dance auditions in SLC. Super cool.
-I love Carrie Underwood who is amazingly and awesomely cool.
-I made the yummiest chocolate chip cookies ever on Sunday. The coolest part about that is that the recipe makes like 100 cookies but they are always gone within 5 days MAX
-The shoes I'm wearing in these pics
-I have awesome roommates
-I'm going home this weekend to go to two receptions and also to see Cars 2 BEFORE it comes out for FREE
-I refashion lots of dresses and I'm a little obsessed with it.
-Glee music. I love it.
-I take my own pictures
-I have a purple luggage set
-I hate vegetables (yes, all vegetables) and I'm allergic to shrimp, cats, and dogs.
-There is no one else on earth that is like me. I'm pretty unique. (Hey guess what? That's YOU too!)

Why are you cool? Write about it in a post and give me the link in a comment! Because we're all too awesome and cool to not do it. :)

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