La Dee Dum Fa La Ta Ta

 Well hi.

Yesterday was Monday. Today is Tuesday. The week is slowly coming. I stayed the weekend at home sweet home with my family because I had two receptions and I'm going back on Thursday night for Memorial Day weekend and another reception. And So You Think You Can Dance starts Thursday night! Soooo psyched!!! Remember this day when I got to watch the live auditions? Almost the best day of my life (the best day of my life was seeing Carrie Underwood in concert for the first time--and the second time too ha--it was so amazing). Sorry if I obsessively talk about CU way too much. Honestly, I can never talk about her too much and I really do think she is SO incredible and deserves all the fame and credibility that she has. Biggest fan right here, peeps.

So I realized that I wear a cardigan with everything. Ok, well this wasn't really realized, it was already known.  haha. But I took a picture of my outfit without the cardigan on and thought I'd share so you can see that I can pull off outfits without cardigans too! Be proud. :)
Hehe..something else random is that the shift key on the left side of the keyboard came completely off and not even my dad, the computer awesome genius whiz, couldn't fix it. So I've now been learning how to use the right shift key for all the capital letters. I'm gonna turn into a weird typist! At work today, I was only using the right shift key even though all the keys work perfectly on the keyboard. Goodness gracious, the things I get myself into.

One more random note. I found out today that this belt is Liz Claiborne from 1990! Cool, huh? It came out before I was even born. That is definitely considered vintage to me. Before I was born=old.

Anywho. Have a good day. Are you watching the Glee Season 2 finale tonight? You can bet I am and I can't WAIT!!!

An Outfit A Day...
Cardigan? Thrifted
Blouse? J.C. Penney, gifted
Belt? Thrifted
Jeans? Ross
Necklace? F21

...Keeps the Fashion Police Away
Comfort? 7
Original? 6
Did I like it? 8
Overall? 7

P.S. The title's a bit random too. Sorry.

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