I don't think I realized how awesome 2014 was for me until I started looking back on it and remembering all the cool things I did.

Some of the best things this past year brought...

TWO fashion shows with Provo Fashion Week! One in April and the other in October

Stadium of Fire with CARRIE UNDERWOOD! and seeing other people in concert like Andy Grammer, Brian McKnight, and VanLadyLove

FOUR weddings for roommates and relatives...

Working at the daycare with so many fun kids and then quitting in August.

Going back to school and taking fun (and scary at first) classes like Public Speaking and contemporary dance, where I did an end of semester solo.

Traveling on a two-day trip to California with Carina and going to Cheyenne twice in the summer with my family:

Getting to be the costume designer for this hilarious video. It went viral with 15 million views on facebook and youtube combined! Watch the behind the scenes video afterward and you'll see me a few times.

Salt Lake Comic-Con twice, in April and September.

The bible video I was in two years ago finally got released! You can see me in it at about 1:59, I'm wearing orange.

Running my first race at the Potter Run!

Learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, filming and editing some fun videos, and getting a new camera for Christmas from my parents (a Canon Rebel t5i!!!). I'm really excited to get more serious with videography in the future.

Ending the year with two weeks of amazing Christmas break with my family. Literally. It has been perfect. :)

For all of you visual people (which, if you're reading a blog, you're probably one of them) here's my year-end video. I keep watching it because it makes me feel good and happy :)

2014 was a really good year and I'm especially looking forward to 2015, because there are already so many fun things planned (college graduation, family reunion, weddings), as well as a lot of things unplanned and unknown (what am I doing after graduation, where will I live, etc.) so it will be fun to look back in a year and see all the changes, because I'm sure there will be many. Can't wait!

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