The BYU Cougar Life

{disclaimer: I was going to call this post "the Cougar Life" until I realized how that made me sound like a forty year-old woman looking for young men, and changed it to what it is now. Cougars are BYU's mascot, just fyi ;)}

School is underway, and I'm pretty darn excited about it. This is probably shaping up to be the best semester of my college career! I have the perfect schedule of classes only on Tuesdays and Thursdays (which is seriously unheard of in Senior year), my classes are all pretty doable with great professors, I'm taking patternmaking (!), and for my capstone, I'm going to be sewing for a BYU fashion show that's happening in April!

And the best news of all so far? I got a job! I had a few interviews this week, and yesterday, just hours after one of them, they called me back wanting to hire me! I'm so excited, it's a videographer position for the alumni association, so it's doing something I love doing anyway, and it will give me great experience. I'm so excited for it and also amazed at how quickly it happened! I'm sure I will share more as I get started, but man, it's gonna be fun, and it'll be a great job to have as I finish my BYU career.

It's so crazy. I'm graduating. I'm graduating! It hasn't happened yet, so let's not get ahead of ourselves or anything, but wow. It's crazy to think that I took (and passed) enough courses to actually do this graduation. In April I'll walk and in June, I will be (hopefully) worthy of a diploma from Brigham Young University. Wow. And from BYU of all places! I wanted to go to this school for my whole life and then I got accepted and came here, and soon I will be leaving it. That of course will open many exciting doors and prospects in my life, but it's also a sad door to close and leave behind. I will miss it terribly when it's all said and done.

This school year has already been so good and it is only getting better. Life has a way of working itself out and I know that taking a year and a half break off of school was definitely the right thing to do. I'm so happy to be finishing my college career out with a bang. Yay for winter semester! (pretty sure I've never said that before so it's one to record in the books :))

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