Things I'm Currently Enjoying

Good friends and talking about real things with them. I love having close friends to do that with.

School and everything about it. Also, my schedule is the BEST. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that's it!

The fact that it's winter but not terribly cold outside.

Still feeling the aftermath of Christmas in all its happiness and glory

Being around my roommates again after three weeks of being home for Christmas

Applying for jobs...it's so productive and makes me excited for what's out there

Wearing my Frozen shirt!

Being passionate about many things right now--fashion design, videography, blogging, school, etc.

Gilmore Girls :)

Friends on Netflix!!

Reading books again, because I've made a goal to do it more this year. (currently reading Red Rising by Pierce Brown)

Already making so many plans for this year to come. With weddings, family stuff, and trips, it's already going to be a packed and exciting year.

The fact that I own a Canon Rebel t5i. I own it AND I get to use it! Revolutionary, right?

Thinking about Noodles and Co.'s pesto pasta with pulled pork. I guarantee it's the best pork you will ever have in your LIFE. I want some so bad right now.

Listening to music with my new head phones.

Enjoying life. I really just love being happy.

The fact that I posted a picture of myself wearing glasses on here is true proof of how much I love myself ;)

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  1. I think it's so cool how close you are to your roommates, I just live at home right now but it's makes me want to move out. There's nothing like having a close knit group of girls that you connect with.

    Where are you hoping to work? If you're into restaurants at all I know Brick Oven in Provo is hiring. Not the most glamorous job ever but I worked there last year and really had a blast, it's a fun environment. Anyways, good luck in the job hunt!


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