A Cute Dress for a Cute Girl

I've decided to christen this week "Children's Clothing Week!" because when Gracie and I went up to the capitol to take her baptism dress pictures, we also took pictures of her in all the other clothes I made for her in my Sewing for Children class, so why not post them all in one week?!

I absolutely love this dress. It was my first project in class and definitely my most favorite one. It fits Gracie's style perfectly and I also see my design aesthetic in it as well. Favorite parts about this dress include the peter pan collar, the piping on the sash, and the little pocket on the skirt (I ended up putting pockets on 3 out the four projects I did, because we had to incorporate things we learned in class and pockets were always easy to add. Haha so there's the pocket disclaimer!).

Man, I totally love this dress, and Gracie looks just adorable in it. Kids clothes have been really fun to make! They are cute, and they also use less fabric and are easier to make because they don't require darts and such. Yay, so fun! I think I'll be making more children's clothing again in the near future. :)

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  1. Aw so cute! I love the pocket detail in the front. Great job!


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