Last Semester

Let me just say, this has been such a year! And last semester was such a school semester! It was so good, and really the best way to describe it was that it was filled with growth. Not growth from life is hard, but just so much growth from new experiences and learning! I meant to write this post at the end of last semester, and now we're at the middle of January, but I felt like it needed to be written, because there are things in life I want to remember, and one of them is all of last semester.
first day of schoooool!! I was so psyched :)
I already wrote a lot about it, like the first week of school, how going back to school was kind of new and different, and about taking my public speaking class. It was all so GOOD. So good, that I can't seem to put into words what last semester was for me. I learned something from every one of my classes, even my Research Methods class that I really didn't like and had a terrible professor in, and I met a lot of great people and made many friends.

It was a semester of expressing myself, whether that meant moving to my emotions in my contemporary dance class, giving a speech on something I care about in public speaking, or even getting a 93% (yeah dude!) on my stats test, because it showed me that maybe I do have some smarts still in me. ;)

I'm so grateful that I took a break off of school, for many reasons, one of them now being that I got to experience last semester. And I think another one being that I get to have this coming semester.

It was so good and it ended on a good note. In my contemporary dance class, I showed my solo I'd been working on, incorporating my the two energy qualities I was assigned: heavy and grow--two qualities that also interesting described much of my life.

Public Speaking ended with a lot of great friendships made and speeches. We had to do a news report in a group for one of our assignments, and I had so much fun doing it with the other girls in my group (there were only 6 girls in the class, and five of us formed a group. It was definitely a hoot :)). We got to know everyone pretty well in that class, because most of it was giving speeches (aka talking about ourselves or something we cared about) and it was definitely one of my favorite classes of my college career.

Sewing for Children brought the first kid's clothes I've ever made, and got me thinking that maybe I wouldn't mind designing and making more of them.

Stats made me feel smart again, and I loved the logic and end results that math brings and makes me happy with. I bonded with some fun girls in Research Methods, and even though our commonality was that we were forced to take a class with a terrible professor, we still bonded! Doctrine and Covenants was more than just studying the scriptures. I learned life lessons and how to apply the scriptures into my spiritual life.

Besides school, it was a good time in all other aspects of my life. Somehow, I stayed stable with money, picking up odd jobs and face painting gigs, all without needing to find a job. (definitely a miracle) Church and my ward was awesome, and I fell in love with both my callings--Communications co-chair (making the program every week for church and in charge of making ward directory) and Relief Society Activities Coordinator. I did Provo Fashion Week again, and I really started to question whether fashion was something I wanted to do or not--it's a struggle I've been having with myself for a while. I had an amazing, wayyyyy good birthday and I started riding my new bike! I loved my roommates, and the times when we were all home laughing, or just home at night to say a quick roommate prayer before going to bed (and the fact that they rented me a puppy for my birthday!).

So yes, last semester was really really good. I'm so grateful for it, and really, there's not much more that needs to be said about it than that. :)

(If you want to see a conglomeration of all of these things and more, you can watch my 2014 video. It's one of my favorite videos I've made, and I think it's because it makes me all sorts of happy when I watch it!)

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