Heidi and Travis's Wedding Video! (and using Premiere Pro)

Heidi and Travis got married like three months ago and it took me that long to finally get around to making their wedding video (I wrote about their wedding at the end of this post). This is by far my most favorite wedding video (and possible just video in general) that I've made. I had a lot of fun adding effects and fun things. Check it out! It's eight minutes long, but you'll enjoy it, the wedding was way cute and so much fun.

Also, let me just say this, Adobe Premiere Pro is AWESOME.

It's the video editing software I've been using now and dang its been an improvement, especially since I was just using Windows Movie Maker before. Movie Maker is awesome for small, quick projects, it's free, and it's really easy to use, but on the negative side, it crashes ALL the time, you can't really edit the contrast of videos (so if it's dark, there isn't much you can do about it), the music gets off from the actual videos in the editing process, and the final product sometimes ends up with black spots in the middle of frames. Random stuff like that that really bugs me.

Premiere Pro is a way more professional software and I was super intimidated when I started to use it. I went back to Movie Maker because that was what I knew but then I got frustrated again and decided I was just going to buck up and learn Premiere Pro! And once you get the hang of it, it's really pretty easy. There are endless amounts of tutorials on youtube to learn how to do whatever you want on there, so that's what I did, and it's turned out pretty great so far. You have a lot more control, like over editing lighting and what you want the music to do or where exactly you want your videos, etc. I love being able to add transitions like light leaks (at the beginning of the video above and throughout), split screen (at 6:11 and other places) and cool other effects like making the video look older (one of my favorite parts! Its at 2:53).

Anyway, to say it in a nutshell, I'm so happy with how this video turned out and I'm excited to make more!

Also, if you are getting married and need a wedding videographer, email me! I would love to do it and am super cheap because I don't have a super professional camera or anything and am still learning. I feel like having some sort of footage from your wedding is so important, and it doesn't necessarily have to cost you a ton of money. But seriously, email me and we can work something out. :)

Oh, my friends and I made this music video while we were at the wedding in between the luncheon and reception. So if you want to laugh and see our pretty great (I think)  music video, here it is!

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