Easter 2013

I loooove Easter. It comes close to Christmas for the favorite holidays list. Why do I enjoy it? 1) it means spring has sprung, 2) I love the joy of egg hunts (although none of us seem to know the mystery behind why a bunny delivers the eggs--what do they have in common??) 3) Family traditions are the best, but even more so... 4) family is the best, and Easter is all about spending time with them!

We had a yummy dinner of fish tacos and dessert of pineapple cake and resurrection rolls (as per tradition for those). My sisters and I also make a point of doing an Easter egg hunt for all the younger cousins every year, partly because we love them but mostly because it makes us happy seeing those cute kids running around being happy. My four year-old cousin Tayevion was adorable as he exclaimed "This is the BEST Easter day ever!" as he opened all his eggs to find more candy and more money. I love how the simplest thing can make a kid so incredibly happy.

I took lots of pictures, and sorry not sorry but there is an overload of photos of my aunt's children, because let's face it. They're adorable. Especially their new two-week old baby girl Zuri. She melts my heart.

In case you are wondering, I got my dress from Wal-Mart (I know, right?!) for $15 and I love it. So so cute. :)

Most of all, I am grateful for Easter because it celebrates life. The life of Christ and the lives of us that He saves every single day. I'm grateful for His sacrifices and for the atonement. Pretty sure I would be miserable without it. I know that we shouldn't need a holiday to celebrate these things and be grateful for them, but I'm still happy to have a yearly reminder of how important Christ is in my life.

I hope you had a great Easter (if you wrote an Easter post, link up in the comments, I'd love to read it!)! Happy April Fools today! :)

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