Cutting Fashion Look #3: Red Shorts

So maybe it's a not so secret of mine that I love shorts, and despite the sometimes craziness it is to sew them, I love making and designing shorts. I had actually only made one pair before the show (here they are!) but they are like one of my favorite things ever, fit perfectly, are super cute, and are totally modest. I have been waiting for summer and warm weather so I can wear them again! Luckily, I think that day will be here soon. :) But yeah, anyways, shorts are great. I like making them too because a lot of times you can't find cute shorts that go to your knee. There are plenty of shorts out there that are cute OR that go to your knee but there are far and few between that contain both.

The shirt part of this look was not my favorite. I think had I given myself more time, it could have been more interesting, but in a time crunch I made a white shirt with a cool stripe in the back. The shorts were the main thing I wanted to showcase so I suppose it was okay.

Oh and it didn't happen with the first few looks, but you'll notice that some of my designs were changed as I made them. Obviously that happened somewhat with this one.

In person:
Also, I know they don't look super fitted here, but I took them in a bit after the photoshoot.

On the runway:

What do you think? Sound off in the comments! (Oh and thanks to Emily for being the gorgeous model!!)

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