Carrie Lady

Guess what, it's my half birthday today! I'm 21 and a half! I totally didn't realize it until 10 pm when my coworker asked if it was the 4th. Glad I got to enjoy for two hours at least. ;) Normally I write posts late at night (like 11-midnight ish) and then schedule them to publish the next day, but I'll publish this one now in honor of my half birthday.

Today, I realized something. Something...probably not good haha. I have five Carrie Underwood shirts, several posters of her, have a CU pillowcase (are you really surprised??), and a cardboard cutout of her. Not to mention that I've been to three of her concerts, own all the CDs and every song she has ever sung/recorded, and have all of those songs memorized by heart. I could lose my memory and I would probably still know the words to every Carrie Underwood song.

If I never get married, I won't grow up to be a cat lady. Cats and I do not get along well. No, I will grow up to be a Carrie lady. I will probably have several Carrie Underwood cardboard cutouts and talk to them like they are alive. I'll celebrate her birthday and her half birthday and probably her quarter birthdays, and I'll forget my own birthday (seriously, I remembered Carrie Underwood's birthday but forgot my half birthday...the decline has begun...). Posters of Carrie will cover my walls and I will hum Carrie Underwood songs and have them playing in the background all day. My bed will have CU pillows and a CU bedspread. I will follow her to her every concert and security guards will have my face memorized because I'll be so crazy. Honestly, this is really creepy, and sadly, could you see this happening?

Please, please, please pray that I will marry at some point in my life so that this doesn't have to become my life. Maybe with a husband my obsession will be held back and hidden under the surface (just a bit, the cardboard cutout will always stay).


  1. Hahah. I love this. This is like me and Jennifer Lawrence. Total lady crush.

    Here's the deal. You'll totally get married. And he'll be obsessed with Carrie too. And you'll be obsessed together. And it'll be magic. :)


  2. You'll get married! The right guy is just being prepared for you somewhere out there. Keep looking for him. As for the Carrie obsession if you don't get married... creepy... I'm praying that it doesn't come to that!


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