Cutting Fashion Look #4: Yellow Shorts

I really am trying to blog regularly, and have actually been doing pretty well with it lately. In the past, I've found myself not blogging for like a month and then I come back to it totally behind and not even knowing what to post about because there is too much. But yeah, I've been getting at least two posts a week in, which I feel pretty good about. And more than that makes me feel like an overachiever! Yeah, the bar for success for me is pretty low. Three blog posts and I'm sailing smoothly in life haha.

Anyways, that being said, I really need to try and post all of these Cutting Fashion posts. It's about time, considering the show was over two months ago. So my goal is to get the rest of these posted in the next two weeks. There's only three more posts after this one, so it shouldn't be that difficult.

These are the second pair of shorts I made for the show, and I really liked these a lot. I cannot wait for it to get warm so that I can wear them! I don't know what else to say about these...I got the fabric on the side of the shorts from this Home Fabrics store for like $2/yard, which is totally unheard of, especially for gorgeous woven fabric like that. It's the same fabric that's on the back of the shirt paired with the red shorts. Once again on this one, I wish I had done a little more with the top. I didn't give myself enough time and I feel like my creativity was pretty burned out by the time I got to the point of making the shirt, so it was fairly plain. I still thought it was fine though...the back had a cool black exposed zipper so that was fun. But enough of me, let's have the pictures do the talking! Thanks to Kimberly for being the amazing model!


In person:

On the runway:

What do you think?!

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