Benefits of Having Roommates

You can make a big batch of popcorn and count on there being people to eat the rest of it for you. This also goes for cupcakes, cookies, or any other kind of treat or dessert.

There are people to talk to and to tell how your day went when you get home.

They watch shows like Once Upon A Time, Project Runway, and the Bachelor with you, so that watching these shows is more exciting and makes you more justified in watching tv because it's a social event.

Even if your roommates are girls, you feel safer going to bed at night, because you know you're not alone.

They can answer the door when you can't (like if you are in the shower, in your room with headphones in, or getting dressed).

They make you sane because you have people to talk to, instead of going into work at 1 and realizing that saying hello to your coworker was the first word you said all day.

You have people to take pictures with.

More dishes.

If you have roommates it means you will have more social activity. Because they will invite you to things and they have friends that you haven't met yet. And they can invite their friends to your social events so they're more fun and exciting.

You can do things like write bucket lists and make dinner together. You can have inside jokes together and be crazy and have people know things about you that they probably wouldn't know if they didn't live with you.

It's like a sleepover every day! Duh!

Grocery shopping is infinitely more fun and exciting. Or at least less lonely and you probably will spend less money.

Depending on how many roommates you have (let's say you have 5, like me right now--although that's about to change tomorrow), you get 5x more clothes! I should really take advantage of this more often.

It's fun, it's happy, and it's the best. Maybe that depends on you roommates, but I love mine. They are my  best friends and I have the most fun ever with them. And after spending this weekend alone (I had to work and everyone else went home to see their families...now you see where this post is coming from, yeah?), I was excited to have them back. Four of us are moving into a new apartment today, while the other two are getting married this month, Kelsey's being this Saturday! It's gonna be pretty dang exciting.

And yeah, probably within the next few years I would love for my permanent roommate to be a man, but for the time being, these girls are definitely the next best thing. :)
All of us at our last roommate breakfast on Friday. Pretty much the last time we'd all be together as roommates. Hence the reason why some of us look tired/makeupless/in our pjs. Mmmm, that breakfast was good though. :)

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