Kelsey's Bridal Shower

As some of you might know, I currently have two engaged roommates. And actually it's a lot of fun because I love weddings, so we have all kinds of wedding talk around here. Pretty great. We threw Kelsey a bridal shower last night (Talya's future sister-in-laws threw her a bridal shower. Don't worry, we don't love one roommate more than the other haha).

Us single roommates (me, Katie, Meghan, and Heidi) all planned the shower and were each in charge of something different so I got put in charge of decorations, woohoo, my favorite part! I put streamers around the room, made a cute banner, made a "date jar" for people to put date ideas in, and made some tissue paper pom-poms. For food, we had cupcakes, fruit pizzas, spinach dip with crackers, and italian sodas. Mmm...it was good. We mostly socialized for it but did play the typical bridal shower game where you ask the groom questions beforehand and then have the bride answer them as well and see how well they know each other. And every time the bride gets a question wrong she has to chew a piece of dubble bubble gum. We opened presents too, and for favors we put two chocolate covered strawberries in a bag tied with a ribbon and a fake engagement ring. It was lots of fun! But you're probably tired of hearing me talking about so I'll just post some pictures, yeah? Ok. :)
They were blue, I promise! But the picture kinda makes them look green :/
Hey look, I'm engaged!! Oh wait...jk I'm just April foolsin' you ;) But I will be keeping this ring in my pocket to ward off crazy men in the future.

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