things that made this day happy

You know those days when there are lots of "oh that's nice" moments? Little things that just make you happy in your heart? Well, Thursday (april 25th) was one of those days. let's count the ways, shall we?

this outfit. Because I was wearing shorts! That I made! And a bright pink cardigan! And leopard print shoes (that I got from walmart--yes, walmart--for only $7...also, I got the cardigan from jcpenney for $3. Bargain hunter, that I am)! And SHORTS! Shorts=warm weather=summer=happiness. Printed shorts that I made=double the happiness. Is that enough math for you? I also loved my fun backdrop for these photos, it was still up from our party the night before (more on that later).

Having a day off! I love my job, but I love days off. They are the best and make me really appreciate my free time.

Seeing my uncle and saying goodbye to my cousin Jenner before he leaves on his mission. That was actually kind of sad, because I won't see him for 2+ years, but it was still a nice moment. Also, we ran into (I say that like we're old friends...which he actually is with my grandparents) Brad Wilcox at Deseret Book and got a picture with him. Sweet!

Spending the day with my sister. We shopped a little at the mall and then tried to sell her books back (no luck) and tried to sell her clothes to Plato's Closet (no luck there either, the money gods were not on our side, granted, this was the second time we were taking her clothes there, just seeing if they would buy anything they'd passed on before). Today she moved back home for the summer, so it was nice to have that day with her before she left for Provo. I love that girl.

Appreciating moments when I'm prepared. I'm really one of the most prepared people you will ever meet (I  always have a "preparedness pouch," as I like to call it, in my purse with anything you might need in an emergency...hair stuff, bandaids, a usb, pens, chapstick, a pocketknife, etc.) and it paid off on Thursday. I had just filled up the oil in my car about a week ago and had two extra oil containers because I hadn't known how much I'd needed when I filled it up before, so I had extra oil (in the containers) just sitting in my car. I was a little annoyed because I felt like I had wasted money on them, but I saw my car on Thursday and the whole front was covered in oil. I lifted the hood, and turns out that my roommate and I had forgotten to put the cap back on the oil when we had changed it about a week ago. Obviously I stink at putting caps back on things because I also forgot to put my gas cap back on a month ago (you are probably wondering who thought I had the responsibility to have a car haha). Anyways, I luckily and gratefully had those extra two full oil containers that I was able to fill up in my car, as well as a towel in my trunk that I used to clean it all up, and then a plastic bag to put the towel in. AND I put the cap back on! I was actually pretty proud that I knew what I was doing in the whole process. I know nothing about cars, so to know something--how to lift the hood, check the oil, and fill the oil--made me feel pretty sweet. Like maybe I can do stuff like that on my own and be okay. I think God has been giving me all these crazy car experiences in my life so that I will be an expert. Anyways, long story, but it made me happy.

Finding two adorable and really cheap blouses at Papaya. Yay for new, cute clothes!

Going to BYU men's volleyball game on Thursday, to see them play and WIN their semi-final game! It was a super intense game...they play five games and have to win three of them. It wasn't looking good when UCLA won the first two, but then we came back and won the third and fourth ones, and then the fifth! It was intense though, we were seriously neck and neck in pretty much every game. Oh and the championship game was tonight (I had work so I couldn't go) and I found out they won! Woo! Men's volleyball games are fun, because there are hot men, the school spirit is great and exhilarating, and it never gets very boring because the games are short and you are always wondering who could win. I loved going with my roommates and also meeting up with our friends Bryan and Nik. Heidi and I enjoyed playing a "where's waldo" type game where we kept looking in the audience and everywhere for people knew. We actually found a lot of people, and definitely took plenty of stalker photos of them. ;)

Hearing this song for the first time. I do love Sara Bareilles and bought this song from itunes within 20 seconds of hearing it. Love it.

Sun. Warmth. Enough said.

And for your personal enjoyment...the fact that I cannot take a good jumping picture to save my life. I'm not even sure why jumping pictures seem like such a great idea, but I am always tempted to take them when I'm doing outfit pictures. Needless to say, I didn't really get a good jumping picture shot. Just a few too many fails.
oops, jumped a little too early!///mmm....look at how I ferociously eat that wild hair of mine
haha my fav...too late for the self-timer, but still feeling obligated to look at the camera for the photo///just an unattractive photo of me in general where my hair flattened immensely and the wind caused me to wrap my feet up in the sheet as I tried to jump

Haha and with that, I leave you.

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