[Halloween Party 2012] Decorations

Throwing a Halloween party is kind of the best, because you can go totally all out with decorations. And since I threw this party in our back patio, the possibilities were made even more endless (within in my poor college student budget). I found a lot of cheap decorations or made them myself.

I found spider webs at the dollar store and strung them all over the walls, which really brought the creepy mood. These were really easy to put up, since all the walls surrounding our patio outside were brick. I just kind of pulled the webs along and they stuck all over the place. It gave everything a really cool effect.

I also bought 50 pages of black cardstock for $2, found a bat outline online, and then cut them out and taped them all over. The bats took quite a while to cut out, but the great thing about those is that I can reuse them every year, so it was definitely worth it.

My mom was awesome and let me borrow these fun pumpkin lights. I also went to Walmart and bought a ton of lights. They were only $3-4 a box so it was really cheap, and once again worth it since I would be able to reuse them. I got some orange and purple lights, and since Christmas decorations come out in stores around the same time as Halloween, I was able to get a bunch of just plain white lights too. I strung these all across the patio so it looked really cool. They kept falling down though so next time I'd probably just string them around the walls, instead of across them, to make life easier for myself.

I made signs for everything through Picmonkey, because it was free, and they had a lot of fun Halloween fonts and overlays you could use. "Roast a Ghost" was for the firepit (marshmallows=ghosts). There will be more pictures of it later, but for the "photobooth" I used an orange tablecloth as the background and then just set up my tripod with my little kodak easy share camera. It was right by the entrance so people took photos as they came in and just operated it themselves, so it worked out well.

I found the printables for this banner here and I also found the other posters just by searching online and on pinterest. You can see my Halloween board here for all the ideas I had pinned. I got the tableclothes from the dollar store for $1 each and I think the whole look turned out really fun. The banner was definitely one of my favorite parts of the decorations.

And that's pretty much the rundown for the decorations! Sorry, I don't remember where I got all of my printables, but I definitely don't claim the credit for them (just the signs I showed above), so if they are yours and you would like credit, just comment and I will be sure to link you up. :)

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