Halloween 2012 (part 2)

So although I've worked at the bookstore for about 3 and a half years, I've never actually dressed up for Halloween for it. They do a fun costume contest by department and I guess my supervisor or my coworkers never got into it so I didn't really care. This year we had a new supervisor though (in charge of men's and women's) so we combined forces with the men's department to do 101 dalmations (or like a tenth of it haha). It was awesome!

For the costumes, we got white hoodies and pants from DI and stuck spots all over them. My supervisor worked on cuttin out spots and making collars and ears that whole week. It turned out so good, as you can see above :) I also painted everyone's faces so that turned out pretty cute too.

 People seriously loved our costumes! We all met up in the middle of the day to take pictures for the contest. We also decided to walk around the Wilk (the building that the bookstore's in) and outside of it. People were taking pictures with us and everyone was staring (in admiration) so it was really fun. And we got 3rd place in the costume contest! What?!!!

I have to say that this year's group of employees are my favorite ones so far. Everyone is so much fun and I feel like we'll be friends for a long time. I love my co-workers!

All the party details are coming up soon, don't you worry!

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