[Halloween Party 2012] The Food

I'm really sad I didn't take more pictures of the food. I apologize for that. I can't even seem to find the placecard files I printed anywhere on my computer, which is weird because I must have saved them somewhere, right?

I can't remember all the food I did (confession: although this post says it was posted at the beginning of November, I'm actually writing this in May of 2013. I know, I know. I just figured better late than never, although I'm sure that phrase probably has an expiration date. But yes, that's why my memory isn't doing too well with this) but here's the rundown of what I can remember:

Goblin punch & witches brew: drinks such as koolaid and rootbeer
Bat wings: orange and black tortilla chips (that were actually some of the best tortilla chips I've ever had)
Skeleton bones: pretzels with marshmallows on either end, dipped in white chocolate
Monster cakes: orange and black cupcakes
Witches nails (?): candy corn (I'm pretty sure it had something to do with nails if I'm not mistaken)
Petrified animals (?): Sugar cookies in Halloween shapes with frosting on them.

There were a few other food items there but I think I remembered most of it, thank goodness.

Also, I apologize for the blurry pictures. This was a real fail on my part remembering the food! :P (oh but I do remember that I got some plates and platters from the dollar store. yay!)

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