Election 2012

I don't think I realized I cared so much about who our president was until yesterday finally came around and I kept on checking CNN to see the results of who was the winner. And I realized I really did care when the person I wanted to win, didn't. Living in a Republican and highly percentaged Mormon state, and even higher percentaged Mormon and Republican college, my facebook feed blew up last night with disappointed comments about the results and the fact that Barack Obama will be our president for the next four years. And I too admit that I was joking about I'd now be hoping the end of the world would come so we wouldn't have to deal with what Obama does in the next four years.

But even if the person you wanted to win didn't win, our president is elected now, and we need to stand behind him and behind our country. It's interesting what things have come to, because voting for our president isn't supposed to tear us apart, it's supposed to bring us together to choose the best suited leader for this great country. I don't know if Obama was the best choice or not, but he is our leader now, and I will stand behind my president.

I am proud to be an American, and I hope you are too, because it's not a leader that defines this country, it is the people that leader and his nation represent. I hope this election is something that will help America come together and work hard to make this nation even greater than it already is.


  1. Kailee, I am laughing right now. I put up a blog post at the SAME time you did expressing almost the exact sentiments.

    That being said, I totally agree! Go America. :)

  2. Yikes! This is my philosophy exactly. I too voted for Romney because as a staunch conservative and Christian I honestly didn't agree with Obama's stands on a lot of things. But I totally agree that since he has been elected to lead this country he receives nothing but my respect... and my prayers.


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