Layering and Fall Transitions

blouse & shoes: BYU Bookstore; dress: Kohls; 

Well, summer (and probably fall, now that we have snow) is definitely over, but believe it or not, I definitely wore this outfit last week when it was still warm. Anyway, now about fashion stuff. In my religion, one of the things I believe in and do is dressing modestly, which means we wear skirts and shorts to our knees, always wear sleeves, and don't show anything revealing (like cleavage, open backs, or our stomachs), and a lot of times this can be a hard thing to do. I have to admit that this can be a pretty difficult rule to follow sometime because it's hard to find stuff that goes down to the knee or isn't sleeveless. But one thing that I have learned from dressing modestly is how to layer well...like this outfit shown. I love this shirt because it's totally great for layering or wearing on it's own. You've probably seen this blouse on my blog a lot because I love it so much. Sorry 'bout that haha.

I think the point i'm trying to make though is that to layer you don't always just have to put a plain white t-shirt under something sleeveless...you can try to be more creative by putting a fun blouse with an emphasis point like a collar under or something simple but still creative, like a button-up or a chambray shirt. Oh and you can always cover up with a cardigan or a blazer as well, but then you run the risk of getting warm and not being able to take it off. Whenever I do that I usually layer with one of the above choices or at least put a white shirt under just in case I do get warm and want to take off my cardigan or blazer. Better than nothing right?

One more thing...layering is also a great way to transition from summer to fall. The dress below is obviously for summer but by layering it with the blouse and pairing it with socks and oxfords it became more of a fall look. You can do this with a lot of your cute summer clothes and it lets you be able to wear them for a longer period of time!

And there you have my tips for the day...have a wonderful Monday. Peace out! :)
(also, this is my 600th post!!! Isn't that amazing?!)

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  1. I am so with you! I don't know why but dressing modestly is like the hardest thing! It drives me crazy sometimes, especially in the summer! Thankfully, in fall and winter, I can layer and not look like a crazy person!



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