Halloween 2012 (part 1)

This post is long overdue since we're now about midway into November. My bad! I'm gonna make this a two part post, because there were a lot of Halloween festivities for me this year. I also threw a party so that'll be part 2 of the Halloween posting :)

The Saturday before Halloween, our ward threw a little dance party that was held in the Wilk on campus.  My roommates and I took pictures beforehand at our house (except for Kelsey who was doing other stuff before. Kels was a grandma with her bf--now fiance!!--Scott who was a grandpa. I was a flapper girl, Heidi was Amelia Earheart, Katie was a zebra, Meghan was a cheetah, Talya was a boy scout, and Carrie went as herself. ;) Oh and since I do face painting I painted Katie's and Meghan's faces--they looked great!

I made a lot of my costume. I found this gold dress at H&M for $7 (score!) and when I got it, it had a high-low hem and it was also sleeveless. So I cut off the bottom to make it all at knee length and then used the extra fabric to put sleeves on. I had some white fabric that I sewed on as a sash and then put elastic through to give it a drop-waist.

My favorite part, however, was my head piece. I made this all myself. I got some really pretty ribbon from joanns as well as the pearl strings, the feathers, and the applique and basically just glue gunned it all on. I looked for photos from the internet for inspiration, but I am super please with how it turned out! Oh and for the hairstyle, since I have fairly long hair, I curled it all into super tight ringlets and then pinned it up into a kind of of side bun. Basically I just love how my costume turned out. This was definitely one of my favorite Halloween costumes ever. :)
character poses!! ;)
And then it was off to the dance! Ever since freshman year especially, I've loved going to dance parties. And sophomore year I was a pretty regular member of the hip-hop club so  I learned some sweet moves there as well. Anyways, we had lots of fun! We danced hard and made new friends in our ward and went crazy.
Grandma and Grandpa (Kelsey and Scott) showed up! ;)
Roommate (plus a few others) jumping photo! My favorite part of this is Scott's walker jump haha
The ward dance ended at 11 and since it was the weekend and we're college students, we decided to go party more. There was a huge complex just a block away from where we lived hosting a huge dance party so me, Katie, Megan, and Talya decided to go, along with our friends Jared and Clark. It was insanity! There were a lot of people there and we kept running into a bunch of our old friends. We were right in the middle where it was a total mosh pit with people crowd surfing and everything. Whenever we started to get pushed over, the four of us girls would all link arms and just jump around so we couldn't fall over. We stayed there until about 1 in the morning when it ended. Good end to our pre-Halloween celebrations. :)

Ok so I lied at the beginning of this. I said it was going to be two parts, but I'm thinking it'll be three. We dressed up at work for Halloween and I was gonna mush that with this but this post was already a little long, so we'll make it a three part thing. Okay. Have an awesome Thursday. :)

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