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top & skirt: F21; belt: Charlotte Russe; shoes: Steve Madden

How’s everyone loved my lack of blogging lately? (no one raises hand) Ok then, me either. This month has been insanely busy from my birthday, to midterms, to sewing my collection for the fashion show, and planning an awesome Halloween party. Yeah it’s been kind of crazy and I’m not sure I’m really expecting it slow down, but I am expecting myself to blog more. I never blogged about my birthday (about a month ago now, but I think I’ll still write a post on it) and there are a lot of other things that have gone on that I haven’t blogged about, but honest to goodness I will. I’m not only missing regular posts on this blog but also fashion posts. Not just ones where I post about my outfit and then talk about random stuff but also real fashion posts about the things I’m interested in.

Does anyone watch the show Pretty Little Liars? (Don’t worry, this is related, I promise) For one thing, if you don’t then you must because it is so good. If you have Netflix you can watch it on there. One thing about Pretty Little Liars is that the four main characters on this show have excellent style, which is very unique to each character, and just a few days ago I found a website/blog that comments on the styles worn in this show, as well as many other shows and I’ve just been eating it up. It’s so great to read! This was a reminder to me of two things..

--one) that I love to dress cute and according  to my own style. This is something that as of late I haven’t been doing. I wear some skinny jeans, my grasshopper shoes, a cute but comfy tee, and my BYU jacket. And this is fine, but I do miss always picking a new outfit every day and trying to be creative with what I had. So as much as I love my go-to pieces (and I mean love, because they are the greatest, specifically my shoes and jacket) I’m going to take more risks and be more “me” in my clothing and have fun with the way I dress. The second reminder was that…

--two) I want to write about fashion! I want to talk about my favorite staple pieces for the month and try and live vicariously through internet window shopping since I have no money to actually spend on any of the cute stuff I find. I want to expose myself through this world and share the little knowledge I have of it with the few people that might read this blog (which I love you for if you do).

So that’s basically it. I’m not really sure what this post meant for the rest of you, it was more of an expression of my own thoughts that I let everyone read. The jist of it is…I want to post more and be updated more on my regular life and my fashion life. So with that, I’m signing off for tonight.

-K :)
excuse the crazy face in this photo...i just loved the jump :)


  1. I love the creative outfits you put together! :)

  2. Your shoes are incredibly cute!

  3. Cute outfit, I love the yellow skirt!


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