[Halloween Party 2012]: The Greatest Halloween Party Playlist You Will Ever Meet

I'll have you know that I worked so dang hard on this playlist. When you start out making a Halloween party playlist, you assume that there are tons of songs out there that you can use, and then you realize that there are about five really popular ones (thriller, ghostbusters, etc.). There are others that work, but not too great for a party that you want to keep upbeat/maybe have dancing at. I scoured the internet for every possible song and it took me hours and days and weeks to make this playlist. If you are throwing a Halloween party and need good music, you can thank me now and again later, because almost every good Halloween song is here in this playlist. Check it:

I found a lot of these songs from youtube and then just downloaded them from there (listentoyoutube.com) because they weren't on itunes. You can also email the artist or channel to get a copy of the songs. Or you can easily find most of these songs on spotify and make a playlist on there. I threw in a few dance party-ish songs (gangnam style, black eyed peas, katy perry) but pretty much everything in there kind of goes along with the Halloween theme.

Some tips:
Put a password on your ipod/computer so that people can't just go up and switch the music. I had the playlist perfectly ordered and then some dumb people (I'm sure they're very nice but I was annoyed with them at the party) went and changed the song, messing up my perfect order. Not cool. Putting a passcode on your music device means that you and only you can change the song. It's usually not very fun if everyone keeps going up and switching stuff because then you only hear like 20 seconds of a song before someone else changes it.

If your party is outside (or inside, depending on how big your place is), get some good loud speakers. We have some nice Bose ones that are great for making our laptops louder to watch movies in our apartment and such, but they weren't super loud at the party, just because you always want music to be louder at parties, especially outside ones. Our neighbor ended up bringing some speakers over that were huge and very loud, which made the party (and music) that much better.

Seriously though, this playlist is the best. You can search the internet and I am 100% sure you won't find a better Halloween playlist out there.  You're welcome. :)

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