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Soooo...I haven’t blogged for a month. Haha. Here’s my life summary for the past 30 days…

That night was the party I’d been planning for over a month. It turned out to be a huge success. I decorated when I got back from work, putting cobwebs all over our back patio, setting up a banner, and hanging lights all across. It looked really pretty and I was happy with the result. I made a lot of food for it and had little signs for each of the food items. I had to go to work at 5 so my roommates helped me with making the rest of the food which was great. Party guests started arriving at 9 and by 10 pm, our back patio was super crowded. I was going back and forth replenishing the food and I had to keep pushing my way through everyone because there were so many people there. Someone in our ward brought over gigantic speakers so the music was blasting and everyone was dancing. It was seriously so fun! All the people that came (and out of those people, a lot of them I didn’t know because they were friends of friends. There were some of my friends I saw later in the pictures who I hadn’t even seen there!) told me they had so much fun. Successful night? Yes. Party throwing can be really stressful sometimes and the day of the party when I’m getting everything ready I tend to get super stressed out and wonder why I’m even throwing a party. But then it happens, it’s so fun, and I remember why throwing parties is one of the greatest things ever.

November came and was a busy month. Most of it was spent being busy with school, but the good parts were with family and friends. I went to my really good friend Sam's mission farewell. This girl is one of my best friends and as much as I'll miss her, she's going to do great in the California Palo Alto mission! I went with Lauren, another one of my really good friends, who also just got her mission call and is going to the California San Fernando mission! :)
(l to r): me, Sam, Lauren
The Nutcracker came around again, and this year my sister Sidney was the only one in it. At one point in life, Carina, Sidney, Cee Ryle, and I were all in the Nutcracker and I’m pretty sure that year drove my parents crazy. Sidney did awesome though, she had three great parts as a Snow, Reed Flute, and a Waltz. She’s seriously a gorgeous dancer, so much better than I ever was, and I can’t help but be proud of her and be happy whenever I see her dancing. She definitely comes alive on the stage.

Thanksgiving was a wonderful and much needed break. My dad’s side of the family all came from Wyoming so we had a full house of cousins and aunts and uncles. It was the best. We spent a lot of our time making a music video to none other than Gangnam Style of course (which almost has a billion views on youtube!). On Thanksgiving day we got the whole family, adults and all, outside to dance. Haha and our yard happens to be right on the edge of the road, so cars passed by as we were dancing to Gangnam Style. Our neighbors might think we’re crazy…oh well. You can see the video here.

We also spent Thanksgiving just hanging out, going to temple square, and shopping on black Friday of course.

My roommates and I had a little cookie making/tree decorating party with a few friends. We also made a nativity reenactment haha (sorry for the blurry photos).
I went to the Killers concert with Chelsey and some other friends. It was a really great concert—everything you’d want a Killers concert to be and more.

Bridal Shower for my freshman roommate Kelly!

A little over a week after Thanksgiving, I went on a quick 3-day trip to Boston and New York. We got to fly standby since my aunt works for Jet Blue. It was the BEST. I was in Boston over the summer and just love the east coast, so going back for a few days was heaven. Boston was spent hanging out with family and shopping, mostly. My favorite part of the trip was our day in New York. We did so much fun stuff. This is something that definitely deserves a post of its own so I’ll write more about it later.

Kelly’s bachelorette party, spent painting nails, giving each other massages, eating yummy food, and talking about boys of course.

After that it was basically finals week. In the midst of all the business, I got sick with a cold on the first reading day. I get sick a lot, so I wasn’t surprised, but I still will never get used to the unpleasantness of being sick. Thankfully the worst of it was over by the time I had to start taking finals (which are now done, yay!!!).

No pictures of this either, unfortunately, but I got together with my best friends last weekend. It was the best because we hadn’t all been together since April! We keep in touch a lot though so it felt like nothing had changed. We’re going to be starting a blog together here soon, and I’ll let you know when it’s up. Right now we are planning everything about it and still trying to figure out a name.

Last week my roommates and I hung out (the first time all of us have hung out together this whole semester, sadly) to celebrate finals. We went to the mall and got tons of cute clothes, ate at Pizza Pie Café, and finished the night by watching Step Up Revolution. I love my roommates. I’m seriously so lucky to live with the coolest and nicest girls ever.

That’s the update and now that school’s done for now and everything is caught up, expect more regular posts. Blogging can be so much work sometimes! Love it though. :)


  1. My roommate, Sophia, works in the mens department!! And dressed up with y'all as a dalmatian. Looks like y'all had fun!

    Looking Up

  2. One of my best friends is in the photo of the concert you went to! She's the blonde, Cori :) I've known her for years!


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