Snowy Days

Woohoo, me in a cute outfit with snow on my boots! I kind of wonder how much longer these outfit posts will continue, but I will hopefully still do a few a month. Who knows? It's funny how this blog totally started out as wearing a cute outfit a day (and I look back and a lot of those outfits are not even that cute haha!) and has evolved into something else. I'm not sure what, a lifestyle blog? A blog of my thoughts? A blog of lists of things I love? Probably a combination of everything.

Honestly, I hope to be more real on this blog. Post more pictures than just ones of me dressed nicely, because I promise you I am much more than that. A lot of days I don't dress like this--I just wear jeans and a cute top with my grasshopper shoes (I think I will write a post on those later, because they definitely deserve one). The other day I posted an update about all the stuff going on in my life, but it was really about most of the good stuff. My life is good but it's not perfect, and I hope to blog more about that. About my struggles...about the not so real stuff.

Seriously though. I'm a really weird girl who does love fashion but also has a crazy obsession with Carrie Underwood. I'm a lot of other things too that you probably don't know. Hopefully people will be able to see that better when I write on this blog.

Haha and if we're being real....then let me just tell you that when I threw the snow in the below photo, my hands were freezing. But I got a cute picture out of it so I guess it was worth it. :)

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