Merry Christmas!!

Me, sibs, and cousins performing the Christmas program we put on every Christmas Eve
I love Christmastime so much. The best part of it all is spending lots of time with family, giving (and let's admit it...getting) presents, and celebrating the birth of our wonderful savior Jesus Christ. I'm so grateful that we joyfully celebrate someone so magnificent, humble, and loving. I'm grateful that we celebrate His birth--something so simple, but made wonderful by whose birth it was. I'm grateful for the amazing family I have and the great friends I have who are always on my side. I'm grateful for all of you, whether you read this blog as a loyal follower or just as a passerby. Thanks to each and every one of you for just being you, whoever that might be.

Have a very very happy Christmas. I love you, you know that? Truly I do. :)

And in case you want to watch, here's a video we made of what Christmas means to us. (I apologize in advance if I look weird in this video...I fell like everyone always hates seeing themselves on screen because it's not their own perception of how they really are. Take it as you will.)

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