A week ago I got to go to Cornbellys at Thanksgiving Point with my family and my aunt and uncle's family. It was an absolute blast! I've really enjoyed being able to see my family almost every single weekend this semester. That usually doesn't happen but I've had reasons to go home or we've met up for something on a weekend so it's just been fun. I might not be seeing them again for a couple weeks though which is fine, because I do my enjoy my weekends here at school hanging out with my roommates too. :)

Cornbellys is this cute Halloween festival that they have every year at Thanksgiving Point. I've always wanted to go since it's only about 15 minutes away from where I live and my aunt Zildy has gone every year with her family for a while and just loves it. I have to say that I definitely wasn't disappointed and if I'm still around next year, then I would love to go again! We went on a hay ride, went through a corn maze (made to pick either Romney or Obama haha-see here), took pictures, ate yummy food like popcorn and rock candy, and basically did everything we could there. One thing I liked about it that it was so family friendly, so the kids absolutely loved it and were never bored. We all kind of separated off from each other for a little bit and I just hung out with my sisters Carina and Sidney, which was a lot of fun. Anywho, I'll stop talking and just give you pictures to show you how much fun we had.

I hope you are all having a great week celebrating Halloween, I'll blog about that later this week and hopefully catch up on a few other events but probably not until Thursday because I'm planning an AWESOME Halloween party tomorrow (don't worry I'll blog all about that too! We all know how much I love throwing parties)! Also, my prayers go out to all my east coast friends dealing with Hurricane Sandy (aka Frankenstorm). It's so much more real to me now that I've actually lived out there. Be safe this week whether you are in the midst of a hurricane or just trick or treating. :)


  1. I love cornbellys!! :D I'm trying to get my sister to go with me tonight. It's our last chance! And I love finding other Utah bloggers. :) Such a cute blog, btw!!


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