Fashion Friday

Blouse: Papaya, Pants: c/o Sugarlips, Belt: Thrifted, Necklace: Mall kiosk, Sandals: F21

I hope no one minds that my outfit pictures have all been taken in the same location lately. We have a nice back patio as part of our house and it's the perfect place for pictures. I think I prefer it to finding other places and having people stare at me like I'm a weirdo as I take pictures of myself.

These pants came courtesy of Sugarlips, whose button you'll see on my side bar. They have the cutest clothes, I love looking at their site because they are always getting new stuff in, and it's clothes I can actually afford...yay! Check 'em out for me, yeah? :)

In other news, my birthday yesterday was amazing! I celebrated with my roommates and friends last night by having a little party at our place, it was great! Pictures will come probably next week (and trust me, we took some pictures you definitely want to see). Oh and I ended my birthday watching Project Runway and seeing who made it to the top 4 for Fashion Week! I won't spoil it for you who watch and haven't seen it yet. Unfortunately, it took me forever to get to sleep last night because I couldn't stop coughing. Being sick is the greatest! Kidding. But then I had an awesome dream that we threw this huge party in a field that 500 people came to. What can I say, people love me! (and then this is the part where you say..."in your dreams!" haha get it?!) Anywho...I need to study for/take a test so I better go. This weekend I'm going home for conference weekend and to celebrate my birthday with my family...wahoo!!

Oh...am I forgetting something? That's right...6 DAYS TO THE CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT!!! Don't worry, I will give you a real post about that later today. After I take my test. Happy Friday, it's a great day to be alive (even if you are sickly like me :))!


  1. Happy belated birthday! I recently found you blog and I love it, both as a lost college freshman and as a trying-to-be-modest girl. Sometimes I need a reminder that it's a great day to be alive and your blog is wonderful for that! I hope you feel better!

  2. You are so darn cute!! Happy late birthday!!



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