In one week from today, all my dreams will come true (well almost all of them). Because in one week from today I am.....SEEING CARRIE UNDERWOOD IN CONCERT!!!!!!
(I'm giving you the warning now, but over the course of the next week or two, due to pre and post-concert excitement, you may be seeing a lot of capitalization, probably more than you are used to. You have been warned.)

This will be my third Carrie concert and it will be the best one! Why? Because she gets better every time, because I'm going with my mom again, because we have FLOOR SEATS, and because there are more new songs! Okay, yeah it's going to be awesome.

In order to attempt (notice I said "attempt", not "succeed to attempt") to bridle my excitement. I'm going to be posting every day with one of my favorite songs of Carrie Underwood's, leading up to the day of the concert, which is next Wednesday, October 10 (it will be the best day of my life, I'm certain of that). If you're not a Carrie Underwood fan (leave. just leave now) or or not an amazing music fan, then you should probably unfollow my blog for the next week because there is going to be some serious fandom going on right now. Sorry about that. Unless you'd like to find me a boyfriend I can love and obsess over, I will continue obsessing over Carrie Underwood (just a girl crush, don't worry).

Today I'll be letting you hear probably my all-time favorite CU song (although that could be questioned now that her new album came out, because I really like "Nobody Ever Told You"), "Crazy Dreams."

I like this song because honestly, who isn't a crazy dreamer? Who out of all of us isn't a little nerdy at heart? We all are! This song is my favorite because it inspires me and it's the song that describes me most. It's a great song, and even though it wasn't ever the most popular or came out as a single, it's my favorite. And I think that's all the description it needs. So without further ado, from Carrie's second album, Carnival Ride, here is "Crazy Dreams."

What is your favorite Carrie Underwood song? Or, the question probably more of you will answer...who is your favorite artist and what is your favorite song by them? Let's all share our favorite music here! :)

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  1. Happy Carrie week! That is awesome that you'll have floor seats. I don't follow Carrie that closely but I like the songs I do know! And my connection with her is that I worked at the wedding chapel she filmed her "Last Name" music video at! Except not while she was there. :)


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