My Birthday...and 6 days to Carrie!

Woohoo! Today is October 4 which means it's my birthday, which means I'm officially 21 years old! Yay! So far I've had a pretty great birthday. It's been chill, my roommates made me breakfast this morning--they really are the best!--and then I went to some class and watched some Friends, my most favorite tv show (currently on season 3!). The only bad part about my birthday is that I'm still sick from the cold I've had all week. I woke up this morning with a pretty nasty cough that carried over from yesterday but it's much better now that it's a little later in the day (definitely still there though).

To continue with the Carrie Underwood concert countdown (we'll call it CUCC for short), today's song is "Nobody Ever Told You," from Carrie's latest album (and probably one of my favorites) "Blown Away."

"Nobody Ever Told You" probably comes in second or ties with "Crazy Dreams" in my all time favorite CU songs. It's a song every single girl (and woman) should hear probably every single day of your life. I like this song because it's sweet, simple, and straight to the point. On my hard days, whenever I feel like I look terrible or like I'm just worthless, I play this song, and it really calms me. As a girl, sometimes you just need some to tell you what nobody ever told you, that you're beautiful, not just on the outside but on the inside too. And Carrie tells that to every girl in this song. :)

I posted the original version, but there's also a very good live version here. Personally, I think Carrie sounds even better singing live, which is crazy because the recorded songs are already amazing! I just didn't post the live one because it had more of a rock feel to it and I like the lightness of this song. Also, below is a video of Carrie talking about "Nobody Ever Told You." She explains it better than I ever could...enjoy!

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