4 Days :)

Don't worry, I didn't forget about the countdown! Today has been crazy busy and oh so fun. This morning and afternoon we watched general conference (changes in missionary ages anyone? ahhh, it's crazy and super exciting!!) which was really great. I always look forward to the first week in October and April! In between sessions we opened my birthday presents (more on that later) and after the afternoon session we left to go eat my birthday dinner so we could get done before the priesthood session. During the priesthood session we took a little DI trip and I didn't buy anything--definitely a first for me! After that we picked up my dad and brother and we went out with the whole family--relatives included--to Leatherby's to eat the best ice cream and hot fudge you could ever have. And now I'm back. I told you it was crazy! And now I will talk about Carrie Underwood.

Today for just a fun, lighthearted song I'll share "All American Girl." Honestly, it doesn't really have any special meaning to me, other than the fact that it's a girly song and I'm a total girly-girl so it's perfect for me. This is another one of my favorite songs by Carrie--probably in the top five--and I just really love it. The music video is cute too so I'll post that. Enjoy, and look forward to a really really really amazing Carrie song tomorrow :)

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  1. Leatherby's is so good! Their caramel sauce is my family's favorite!! :) And holy cow...talk about some crazy changes to missionary ages!

    Happy birthday!!!


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