The Carrie Underwood Concert!

It's hard to believe, but the best day of my life was already a whole week ago! And since a week has already passed, I figured it was probably about time to blog about it. The concert was at the Maverik Center in West Valley, which is actually where my first Carrie Underwood concert was four years ago (although then it was called the E-Center). I've seen all of my Carrie concerts with my mom, and this one was no different. I think over the years my mom has become a pretty big fan as well, so it's fun to go with her because we both love Carrie Underwood. I think it'll become our tradition to always see Carrie together. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Lucky and awesome enough for us, my mom and I had floor seats. It was so amazing to be SO close to Carrie Underwood! Holy cow, I was dying. Most of the pictures are zoomed in, but we still had an excellent view of the stage (except for an exceptionally tall man in a hat a few rows in front of us who sometimes kept blocking my view).

Hunter Hayes was the opening act, and if you haven't heard any of his music, you definitely need to! We got a free cd of his from a radio station about a year ago and upon listening to his music we totally fell in love. He sings the cutest songs and he is amazingly talented! I listened to a lot of his songs before the concert so I could sing along and I just love them all. Look up his music! Some of my favorites are "Cry With You," "Everybody's Got Somebody But Me," and his popular single, "Wanted."

He sang a bunch of his songs at the concert and he totally melted my heart when he sang "Just the Way You Are." Ah, I just love him! Here are some videos I took. Sorry if they're shaky or if you hear me singing off-pitch (I promise I'm a good singer, but who can even hear their own voice at a concert?!)

After Hunter was done, the anticipation grew as we waited to hear Carrie Underwood!

Oh man, and when she did come out, I FREAKED OUT. For my own sake, I'm not posting the video I took during the introduction because I was just insane. I just kept screaming ("ahhhh! ahhhhh!! ahhhh!! It's Carrie Underwood!!!" Yes that was me). At first I couldn't even see that well because the tall man was totally blocking my view but I moved around and then I could see. The excitement you get when an artist first steps out on the stage is so incredible, I don't think it can be duplicated. It's so fun and exciting and you get such a rush!

The concert was just amazing. For one thing, it was Carrie Underwood, but for another, there were so many special effects that made it ten times cooler! You can see the screen in the background and that changed for every song! They took scenes from her music videos and other places to make the songs seem even more real. It was so cool! I've never seen anything that detailed at a concert so it was pretty sweet.

One of the great things about being on the floor, is that even though our seats were reserved, we could move around a little bit and try to get closer. It was amazing to be so so close to Carrie Underwood! I liked that about our seats though, because we were able to move around a bit during the concert so we got different views throughout the whole thing.
 Probably my favorite part of the concert was when Carrie and her whole band got on this platform that came almost all the way to the back of the room. It was the best! I really liked it too, because it meant that everyone got to have a great view of Carrie at least for a few songs. I took a ton of videos throughout the concert but posting them all on here would have taken forever, so I just posted some of my favorites and some of the really fun ones. None of them are too long so feel free to watch!

During "One Way Ticket" Carrie was like "We're gonna have a party!" so she threw out a bunch of leis, confetti came down, and bouncy balls bounced around the audience. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the concert just because it was so fun! I seriously love concerts!

Carrie's outfits were amazing. She changed like five times! She wore a lot of high-low dresses and I also noticed that she loves glittery stuff. My dream job would totally be to design for or style Carrie Underwood. Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Hunter Hayes came out with Carrie to sing "I Just Can't Leave Love Alone" and they did awesome together! They both have such great voices!

A little while ago, Carrie recorded "Remind Me" with Brad Paisley for his album, so she sang it at the concert. I saw it beforehand on the setlist and wondered how that was going to work out but it was sweet! They had filmed a video of Brad beforehand and then they had that playing on the background screen so it looked like he was there and they were singing a duet! I took a video of it, which you should definitely watch, because it shows it much better than I can explain it into words.

For Carrie's encore, she sang "I Know You Won't," and her ever popular single, "Blown Away." Man, I love that song.

Once again, see the video, but the background was amazing, because they totally made it look realistic with a house scene behind, and then they had a twister blow it away. They also had smoke coming from the stage and confetti everywhere so it was just wild! A perfect ending to a perfect concert. Oh and sorry about the video, my camera ran out of memory in the middle of the song so I had to hurriedly switch to my other memory card and then continue filming because I wanted the whole song.

Hunter Hayes's drummer was sitting just one row in front of us with his wife/girlfriend during Carrie's portion of the concert so after I got a picture with him! I look crazy in it, but oh well. Too bad I didn't get the chance to become better friends with him...maybe he could have introduced me to Carrie! ;)

The concert was incredible, and I had so much fun going with my mom. For a few days after I kinda had post-concert depression (where you're just incredibly sad the concert is over and don't know what to look forward to in your life anymore. It also happened to me with the Demi Lovato concert haha. Does this happen to anyone else?) but now I'm just happy. I can't wait to see Carrie again soon and I also look forward to my next concert, which is the Killers on November 30th! That'll be awesome! Oh and I really did take a ton of videos, so if you'd like to see anymore, let me know and I'll upload them to my youtube channel! :)


  1. looks like you had an amazing time!!! you got some awesome pictures, hopefully looking at them will bring you out of your post-concert depression. :) And you look gorgeous in the very top picture with your mom!

  2. Well...SOMEONE had a ton of fun! :) You and your mom look gorgeous! So does Carrie ;)


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