Swimming Suit Season

I haven't blogged very much this week because I have been super busy going to wedding receptions (everyone is getting married!--except me and my roommates haha) and going through all of my California trip pictures and videos. I had about 900 files...yikes. I get so picture/video crazy on vacations because I don't want to forget anything!

Anyways, I'm working on posting about my Cali trip as soon as I can, but first I wanted to blog about this adorable swimsuit that I wore while on the beach there.

I was way excited when Beverly from Beverly Swimwear contacted me and asked me to do a review of one of her suits. They are all totally modest and have cute, classic styles. I ordered the Retro Rouche suit in the color shown and was so happy when it came because it was SO cute. I've been waiting for forever for an opportunity to wear the swimming suit, and what better time or place than on the beach in California?

The suit is super flattering because it's ruched up the middle. I love how far down it goes and how much it covers up top. I hate really showing any cleavage or anything, so I was really glad when this covered all of that. It's insanely hard to find swimsuits that do that! My roommates kept telling me how much they loved the suit because it was just so adorable. I feel like I'm totally gushing about it, but it's definitely my favorite new swimming suit for all the reasons I listed above!

 Another great thing about Beverly Swimwear is that everything is totally customizable! If you don't like halters, you can change it to strapless or have two straps, you can choose your own swimsuit color, and also change other details of the swimsuit that you might not like. I haven't heard of another place that you can do that with swimming suits, and it's SO nice. I love that you can make things exactly how you want to make it a swimming suit you'll want to wear and keep for a long time.

So yep, basically I will be talking about Beverly Swimwear to everyone I know. If you are looking for a new swimming suit, I HIGHLY recommend checking them out. They have lots of cute suits for you to choose from, so shop away! You can also like/follow them on facebook, twitterinstagram, and pinterest.

A special thank you to Beverly for the great swimsuit and to my roomie Heidi for taking the pics :)


  1. I just love that swimsuit! The color, the style, the model!


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