Kelsey and Scott's Wedding Video

I have found a new hobby of mine in taking videos. I'm not sure how much my friends quite like it, as now they're being filmed a lot more than they ever were before, but I think it's fun. I like capturing the moments and being able to watch them like you were once there. It's like the pictures are the words, but videos are sentences. Both are important, but you get a little bit more from a sentence.

My camera doesn't take half-bad videos so I've been having fun playing around with it. I blogged about Kelsey and Scott's wedding a few days ago, and I also took a bunch of videos on their wedding day and compiled them, so if you'd like to see it, here it is! Obviously it's nothing professional or even close to it, but I had a lot of fun making it and I like being able to remember the happy and fun feelings of the day when I watch it. :) Let me know what you think!

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